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    Sleeper, 2017-2019
    Sculptural media installation commissioned by the Beall Center for Art and Technology at UC Irvine for the exhibition 'Masculine<->Feminine,' rebuilt in 2019 for the exhibition 'Offal,' at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery.
    ’Sleeper' plays on the endless cycle of misinformation that fuels our current political state of affairs. The electronics-driven sculptural fountain is constructed from translucent castings of the artist's body, pieced together in the manner of an Exquisite Corpse. Hanging upside down, eyes closed, ‘Sleeper’ internally receives and processes partisan rhetoric from online media sources. Custom-built technology transforms the digital video signals into sound and light via computerized LEDs, which course through the figure’s innards as a relentless feed of toxic political fare.
    10.5 x 10.5 x 4 feet - computer, LEDs, mixed electronics, polycarbonates, aluminum, steel, water pump, media footage

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  • Nord_Sleeper_3
  • Sleeper, 2017-2019, still, in situ

  • Nord_Sleeper_4
  • Sleeper, 2017-2019, still, in situ

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  • Sleeper, 2017-2019, detail still, in situ

  • Nord_Sleeper_5
  • Sleeper, 2017-2019, still, in situ

  • Nord_Sleeper_1a
  • Sleeper, 2017-2019, still, in situ

  • Nord_Sleeper_7
  • Sleeper, 2017-2019, detail stills, in situ

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