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    Power Unit, 2014-15
    documentation of electronic mobile squad cart for LAMP Community, Skid Row, Los Angeles - 3.5 x 3.5 x 2 feet
    A shopping cart is outfitted with police lights, siren, and an emergency vehicle public address system - enabling Los Angeles' homeless to be seen and heard - reversing traditional power dynamics. The project was commissioned for the inaugural issue of Frank LA, to benefit LAMP Community, a homeless advocacy organization on Skid Row.
    variable pattern police lights, multi-function siren system, public address system, 200 watt speaker, rechargeable deep cycle battery, powder-coated steel shopping cart

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  • Nord_PowerUnit_2
  • Power Unit, 2014-15
    detail: PA microphone

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  • Power Unit, 2014-15
    detail: cart cage

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  • Power Unit, 2014-15
    detail: police light

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  • Power Unit, 2014-15
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